UNIPAK has been an active producer of vacuum manufactured plastic packaging for the food industry for more than 50 years. We are a customer focussed volume producer, specialised in the development, production and maintaining of stock of your plastic packaging. Production and distribution (storage capacity of approximately 10,000 pallet slots) are located in Steenbergen (NB) near Antwerp and Rotterdam. From this location we supply nearly the entire European market.

With the exclusive production of packaging material for the food industry, we offer our clients the guarantee that only fully food approved materials and additives (if any) are used in our production process. This also means that our processes meet the highest quality requirements. This is translated into an ISO- and BRC-IOP certification.

UNIPAK has always held a leading market position as supplier of plastic interiors for the flower confectionary, and cake and sweets segment in the BENELUX. During the past few years we have also grown nationally and internationally in the other segments of the food industry. We are working hard to strengthen the position our company in the European food industry.

Mission Statement Unipak strives to acquire a leading market position in Europe, as manufacturer of vacuum manufactured plastic products for the food processing industry, by delivering high quality products and by providing the best possible service.

Our unique selling points in this respect are:
- The smallest possible CO2 footprint
- Maximal reprocessing of used material
- A hygienic and closed-loop production process
- Very competitive prices
Only ready-made packaging in stock, which means a supply reliability of 100%.

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