About Unipak


After having been based in Bergen op Zoom for some decades, we definitively established in the beautiful Steenbergen (Noord-Brabant) in 2008.
This was a perfect location as it offered the options for realising production, storage and offices in one and the same location, with the A4 route Dinteloord-Bergen op Zoom around the corner ; in short, a perfect base for operations.
Unipak is a fairly horizontal company with 40 enthusiastic employees. 33 of these employees are directly involved in our production process. They work in a 3 shift system during 5 days a week.
We strive after the highest possible service level for our clients by managing as much as possible ourselves, such as the provision of materials, production, storage, sales and logistics.
I addition we like to use the motto “laughter permitted”, which is reflected in a comfortable open working atmosphere, mutual understanding and – on a regular basis – fun company outings.
Sustainable entrepreneurship
Unipak is a medium sized company, and modest as we are, with regard to our customers, our environment and the final consumer we also try to do our bit to improve the environment by processing plastics into useable products in a socially responsible manner.
As we are aware of the fact that we should handle our environment with care in this world, today and tomorrow, we continually strive after a healthier business climate. We implement this notion in our energy policy plan. This results in ecologic and economic benefits for our company as well as for our customers.
Optimal recycling of raw materials
PlasticRecyclingIn practice this means that with an efficient use of our production apparatus, we can reduce the environmental pressure and realise economic advantage with the optimal recycling of raw material. By-products and waste specific for this industry are directly or indirectly reintroduced into our process. As a result we hardly leave any waste (landfill) and use the material effectively for the production of finished products. The waste remaining after these processes is externally recycled in a sustainable manner or processed in such a manner that the CO2 emission is very low. In this respect referral is also made to the enclosed certificate of our waste processor.
Optimale recycling van grondstof

Certificate of the Waste Processor
Reusable cardboard packaging
We also try to make ecologic and economic progress in the area of packaging. We are continually increasing the use of reusable cardboard container boxes. In addition to a more environmental friendly packaging policy, storage and handling has also become more effective.
Green energygroen
Finally we are investigating the possibilities of using wind energy in order to reduce our energy costs, and with this also the emission of CO2. Doing so, Unipak would like to actively contribute to a better environment in the future.
Unipak is currently only using green energy.

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